What’s Your Favorite Yoga Pose?

fish pose in yogaSo just for fun this Friday, I thought I’d do a quick post about my favorite yoga post, and open it up to you.   On any given day, there are a few poses that I gravitate to in my personal daily practice.  I try to incorporate a balanced practice that includes a few Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) C and A;  Virabadrasana (warrior) II; Trikonasana (triangle); and Vrkasana (Tree Pose).  Plus, I add in some abs, backbends, twists and, of course, restorative poses.  But, if you asked me point blank, “What is your favorite yoga pose?” Anyone who knows me, taught me or takes my classes knows that I’m a Matsayasana (Fish Pose) lover (see post pic of me blissfully chill in the pose during yoga teacher training).

I just love sinking into this heart opening gentle backbend.  You can tell by the look on my face that the world around me has all but disappeared.

Fish pose stretches the intercostal muscles between your ribs as well as your psoas, hip flexors, shoulders, neck, abs and throat.  This pose releases the back and chest, opens the respiratory system and stimulates the thyroid.  Be cautious about your neck.  If you’re in the active version of this pose, only rest your head gently on the mat to protect your neck.   If you’re in the restorative version of this pose, place a blanket or block under your head if necessary to relieve any tension. Restorative poses are about letting go, not hanging on.

There are plenty of poses I could hang out in forever, but matsyasana is definitely one of my faves.

So what makes you coo on the mat?  Are you a warrior, a pigeon, a dancer or something else?


-Your Charmed Yogi

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