9 Awesome Yoga Infographics

Anyone who knows me (especially at work) knows I’m a total sucker for infographics.  Aaaah, how I love pretty pictures.   So, for your visual entertainment, I thought I’d pull together my favorite Yoga Infographics.    Who doesn’t love infographics?

The Health Benefits of Yoga

yoga infographic health

Photo courtesy of yogacarashop

The Language of Yoga

yoga posts infographic

Photo courtesy of PimsleurApproach.com

Ashtangi Morning


Photo courtesy of Allison Coming

What’s Your Yoga?

whats your yoga infographic

Photo courtesy: MindBodyGreen

8 Limbs of Yoga

8 limbs of yoga infographic

Photo courtesy: alisonhinksyoga.com

Yoga Style Infographic

yoga flow infographic

Photo courtesy of alisonhinksyoga.com

Sun Salutation

sun salutation infographic

Source: stumbleupon.com via Zoie on Pinterest

Yoga for Back Pain

Photo credit: Backpainrelief.net

And last but not least…my fave…
Lululemon Manifesto
lululemon manefesto

Photo Courtesy: Lululemon

25 thoughts on “9 Awesome Yoga Infographics

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