40 Sun Salutations to Celebrate 40 Years

Sun SalutationI woke up this morning with 39 years on this planet in my rearview mirror, and I feel more alive, more centered within myself than I ever have. So, I decided to celebrate my 40th year with 40 sun salutations. Twenty Surya Namaskar A in the morning to honor the years that have brought me to this grounded place, and twenty in the evening to embrace the years to come with open arms and grace.

I look back at the past few decades (really, I can say decades) of my adult life, with humor and reflection. In my twenties, my goal was to finish college, get a good job, and move out of my parents’ house. In my thirties, my goal was to buy a house and establish some roots. In my forties, my goal is to have no goal. Not to be a total slacker, but to embrace the process of life for the journey itself and not be so concerned about the end result of the “achieving.”

Well, let me change that vision just a bit. In my twenties, my perspective on life was “what does the world have to offer me?” So, if I had to ascribe a goal for my forties, I guess it would be “what can I offer the world?” Generativity vs. stagnation as Erickson called it; a virtue of caring.

Everyday, and in every way, I intend to ask myself, “how can I add more to the planet than I take away?” “How can I replenish what I’ve used?” “How can I metaphorically clean up the dinner dishes and push in my chair when I leave the table that has so generously provided for me for four decades?” “How can I choose my words carefully so that what I have to offer is meaningful, helpful and without harm?” ‘How can I provide as much love and prosperity as I receive?”

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.

~ Buddha

Happy Birthday to me. Namaste.


-Your Charmed Yogi


Photo Credit: kashkul.org

11 thoughts on “40 Sun Salutations to Celebrate 40 Years

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