It’s about the Journey, my friends…

I speak about embracing the journey of life often. During my classes, I’ll ask my students to set their intention to let go of expectation and enjoy the process of yoga — the poses between poses.

The Calm Monkey

ocean viewThink of your life as a journey, as a story with many chapters.  We all have a beginning, a middle and will have an end.  Through our journeys we will have many life experiences, make many decisions, and see our lives through our personal lenses.

We cannot have ‘good’ times without experiencing ‘bad’ times, ‘fun’ times without experiencing ‘boring’ times, or ‘energetic’ times without experiencing ‘stuck’ times.  Everything is relative, and we judge things based on past experiences and how we see life.

So my question to you is this:  How do you want to live your journey of life?  

Unfortunately I know so many people who are going against the flow of life, see most things as ‘bad’, and overall just appear to be fighting through life.  They are usually in a state of wanting things to be different, which causes stress and suffering.  They are usually blaming others…

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