Practice Your Yoga Like No One is Watching

Heart Chakra Opening YogaHave you ever experienced the most beautiful, rock steady tree pose (Vrkasana) or headstand at home only to feel like you’re trying to balance during an earthquake during class?

Many yoga students experience “stage fright” (for lack of a better term) in which the ego takes over and begins to place worth on whether or not we can hold a pose longer or deeper than someone else, or even get into the pose at all.   Our ego loves competition,  and often times it’s only with ourselves.

At home, we feel as if we’re in a safe judgement-free environment and we have the freedom to try anything without consequence or embarrassment if we “don’t do it right.”  But, there really is no” right,” and that safe place that we feel we have at home is actually always with us; within us.

In a yoga class, every student is different, and everyone was drawn to class for a different reason.  Some people have work lives that cause them much stress, others are there merely for physical exercise, while still others are there to experience the spirituality of yoga.  And, I’m willing to bet that not one of them is there to judge whether or no you can hold Warrior III for thirty seconds without toppling.  In fact, that’s the ego slipping in a side door in a quite grandiose assuming that other students are there as a panel of judges to score our practice.

At home, we tend to laugh off the unsteady half-moon pose and try it again.  There’s no reason you can’t carry that peace with you to class.  If you stumble or fall, giggle, and cut yourself some slack.

Whether you’re in class or at home, remember why you’re doing yoga, and practice like no one is watching.


– Your Charmed Yogi

Photo Credit: Elena Ray | Flickr

2 thoughts on “Practice Your Yoga Like No One is Watching

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