What is Your Heart Opening Yoga Practice?

As a yogini and a teacher, I always bring my practice back to opening the heart as a way to end suffering.  Everyday, we may not even be consciously aware of what we’re doing to sabotage our own happiness.  Things like attachment, aversion, and fear creep into our lives when we aren’t even looking.

Opening the heart happens off the mat and on through asana, spiritual practice, meditation, and nurturing our creativity.    During my classes, I often end class by reading an excerpt from a meditation book I’m reading, or poem by Rumi or Hafiz, or something I’ve written myself that speaks to the moment.

I thought I’d share one of the poems I’d written myself after a meditation, entitled, “Where do you keep your heart?”

Where do you keep your heart?

Is it locked in a box so no one can find it?

Is it behind a wall and no one can climb it?

Is it high on a shelf too far from yourself?

Where do you keep your heart?

Do you bring it with you wherever you go?

Do you give it to others to whom you don’t know?

Does your heart see through your eyes — that brilliant disguise?

Or do you see through your heart?

Maybe now’s the time to start

Does your heart guide you from deep inside you?

If you and your heart are one and not two,

Perhaps a better question to ask is,

“Where does your heart keep you?”

Open your heart anyway you know how.


– Your Charmed Yogi

Photo Credit: Nalanda Buddhist Cultural & Resource Center

5 thoughts on “What is Your Heart Opening Yoga Practice?

  1. Reblogged this on Los Angeles Yoga Beat and commented:
    I often write about my personal journey in yoga and ventures in Buddhism. This post really captures a lot of how I feel with respects to my on going practice and thought that maybe it would help inspire others.
    Have a peaceful day filled with joy.


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