Pamper yourself with reckless abandon

Source: via Willow on Pinterest

As yogis who are after more than just the physical practice of yoga, we are spiritual seekers.  As spiritual seekers, we are open to new ideas, concepts, and most definitely introspection.  As introspect-ors, we begin to examine ourselves under a microscope, study ancient texts, and try to make heads or tails out of this mortal coil.  As we dive into ancient spiritual texts, we learn that non-judgement, non-violence, suffering, and non-attachment as philosophical principles illuminate what might once have been darkness.

Many new yogis get so caught up in consciously adhering to what’s written, that they create a new kind of tension.    Rather than allowing the transformation to happen by meditating, and bringing awareness to our actions, we can quickly get caught up in a cycle of self-judgement for not being “the perfect yogi.”  Not to mention any added shifts in energy and selflessness you experience as a yoga teacher, reiki healer or yoga therapist.

So we meditate, we practice regular asana, we teach, and we study in order to get closer to our personal truth.  As we get closer to our truth, we purify ourselves of past behaviors or thought processes that no longer serve us.   We clear out the muck at the bottom of the pond.  It can be a lot to process, especially as humans living in a largely westernized society where we don’t welcome down-time for self-realization.  So, it’s important to allow ourselves a way to work through our muck.

Personally, when I began to experience emotional releases, uncertainty, confusion and energy fluctuations, I incorporated a number of different coping methods.  I connected with fellow yoga teachers and mentors.  I visited a pranic healer and got massages.  I went to a therapist.  I pampered myself with reckless abandon, and noticed that as I treated myself with the same nurturing and compassion I was giving to my students, I felt more connected with everyone.

The truth is, we all want to be selfless and leave a legacy of compassion behind.  So, give back to yourself regularly and recharge your battery so you can sustain a life of giving and be present for others as much as yourself.


– Your Charmed Yogi



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