Selfishly be someone else’s miracle

My mom used to tell me that you may never know the impact you’ve had on others.  A smile to a stranger,a touch, or just listening to a friend in need may seem trivial young hands holding elderly handsto us, but at the moment it’s given to another, it could be quite grand.

In graduate school we dove into the topic of altruism.  Does it or doesn’t it actually exist?  Some theorists believe it doesn’t exist because the person performing the selfless act may still derive joy or satisfaction from the act of giving.

I recently came upon this argument again and started to think about whether or not I’ve ever truly been altruistic.

I thought about the times I’ve volunteered my time, or given money to charity, or helped out a friend in need.  And they all felt awesome. Dammit.

I thought about how I’ve rescued two (now three) dogs from shelters.  But in truth, I sought out these dogs for companionship.  Dammit again.  So then I thought, you know what?  Who the heck cares where the motivation comes from so long as you’re giving of yourself and receptive to love.

Selfishly give of yourself to others; be someone else’s miracle and enjoy the feeling of an open heart. Then you both feel awesome.


– Your Charmed Yogi

Photo credit: Woodland Care & Rehabilitation

7 thoughts on “Selfishly be someone else’s miracle

  1. I think the better question, is whether you are doing something for the sole purpose of the icing on the cake, or whether you would do it anyway, icing or not.

    You searched for companionship, which you could have gotten from a pure-bred puppie. But you chose to pick one from a rescue. Either way, you got what you needed, but you went the extra step by helping out a pup in need.

    Least, that’s how I look at it. No one would do things that don’t feel good, it’s why so much is changing now, because the “just do it” attitude is not fulfilling the soul in the way one would think it would.

    Thousand Hills Coffee has a wonderful saying, which I think sums up a lot of stuff – “Drink coffee, do good.”

  2. It’s a good point, definitely something to think about. But like you say there’s nothing wrong with getting something back, as long as your motivations are in the right place to start with. 🙂

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