Letting Your Freaky Yoga Flag Fly

yoga grandma

Have you ever caught yourself apologizing for who you are, either out loud or in the form of some kind of shame inwardly?  Oddly enough, my self-doubt came when I was going through my transition as a yoga teacher.  I began to find who I was — my authentic self, and found myself feeling ashamed for not fitting in because I’d chosen to be kinder, more positive, more accepting of what IS.

Lots of people at work and in my life noticed the changes, but not everyone was as supportive as I’d hoped.  So, I began to hide who I was and just go with the flow.  At work, I regressed and tried to cling to who my co-workers thought I was.   So I would play the role of the unfulfilled co-worker and participate in the gossip, the complaining, the dissatisfaction; the group misery.   And, all that did was cause a deeper rift within myself.   I didn’t like having to be that person.  So, I stopped, and didn’t really care who like it or not.  I decided to take responsibility for the dissonance this dual role was causing, so I left the job, and I have persevered in my journey toward the light.

The Everything Yoga blog has a great post today, that I could have written from my own personal experience.  It’s a great lesson on staying true to yourself no matter what.  Check out the post, “Letting Your Freaky Yoga Flag Fly.”  The blog rocks, so if it’s not already in your blogroll, do it now.


– Your Charmed Yogi

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