Have you tried acroyoga?

man and woman doing acroyoga
The beauty of yoga is that it can be combined with many other activities, from hiking to horsebackriding to stand-up paddleboarding. But a natural pairing for yoga is with acrobatics; because yoga builds up strength and flexibility, even non-circus performers can get to a place where they can do some fun acrobatic moves using their yoga as a starting and ending point (and as a focal point so that balance is maintained).

Acroyoga, simply, is a practice that combines yoga, acrobatics and healing arts (like Thai yoga massage or other types of massage). Eco-chick, Starre Vartan, ponders the performer possibilities. Read the full article, “What is Acroyoga?” on MNN.

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7 thoughts on “Have you tried acroyoga?

  1. It’s unfortunate that in the west yoga is primarily used as a form of exercise or stress reduction. It offers so much more, with physical fitness and lack of stress being just side-benefits. You can use yoga just to get abs or increase flexibility, or you can use yoga to increase mental focus and peace of mind and experience more joy in your life. Or you can use yoga as a way of climbing up to the highest possibility
    within yourself.

    Acroyoga is one more american yoga “innovation” that isn’t using yoga as it was intended. It looks cool and takes tremendous physical mastery and mental focus, I’m not knocking the effort involved in performing it well. But it confuses people as to what yoga really is.

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