Treat everyday like a road trip

road trip

If you’ve ever embarked on a road trip for a vacation or cross country to visit family, you know how exhilarating it can be.  Creating that special playlist and packing road snacks signal fun ahead.  Each day, 220 million Americans average an hour and a half commute in their cars.  With a 35 minute commute each way, I certainly understand how it can be a source of frustration and stress for some people, but I’ve taken a different approach.  I treat every ride in the car (especially to work) as if it were an awesome road tripping adventure.

Unfortunately, I don’t live anywhere convenient to mass transportation, and ride shares haven’t panned out (yet).  So, I embark on my day’s journey with an attitude of curiosity and excitement.  It’s really amazing how — once you shift your perspective — the ride can be an exciting part of the day.

I’ll start off by turning on some great music, and pretend I have not idea what lies ahead.  I look at the trees and clouds and landmarks as if I’m a tourist who’s never been on this road before.  Often, I’ll call friends (hands free of course)  who I normally can’t talk to in the evening because they’re putting the kids to bed or wrestling them to the bath.  I may stop at a coffee shop I haven’t seen before (because it’s outside of my three-mile-zone.)

Even if you don’t have a crazy morning commute, try approaching all of life from the view of a new world traveler treating each moment as one you’ve never experienced before.  Like a child to whom everything is an exciting, new adventure, travel your road trip of life with dirt under your fingernails and a sticky face.


– Your Charmed Yogi


(Photo: Flickr)

5 thoughts on “Treat everyday like a road trip

  1. Great post! I try this approach every day. So many of us get frustrated and impatient in transit instead of treating the journey as an opportunity to explore and enjoy.

    I used to get annoyed with my hubby for taking different routes to the same places. I asked him why he did this one day. He said, “It keeps things interesting.” Now I change up my usual path just for fun.

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