How animals see the world [Infographic]

It’s impossible to see through someone else’s eyes, to truly understand what they are interpreting when they see something.  Phenomenologists like Kant and Heidegger have very different theories of perception. One says that we have a predetermined filter that we’re trapped behind while the other believes perception is the experience of responding to how the thing-in-itself shows itself to us.

Neuropsychologists would simplify perception as the recognition and interpretation of sensory stimuli based chiefly on memory.  And yet, none of them truly knows what the other is actually perceiving.   The theories are enough to leave you rocking back and forth in a corner.  One thing is certain, we all see things differently and trying to see something through someone else’s eyes is the key to compassion and empathy, but is there more?

Seeing the world through an animals eyes can offer a glimpse into our ‘unseen’ world, that which we do not perceive. An infographic from the blog Mezzmer, offers some science and theory behind how and what an animal sees.

animal vision infographic


(Source: MNN)

How do you see the world?


– Your Charmed Yogi


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