A mind full of free kittens

box of free kittens

I was watching an old movie the other day, where there was a cliche scene of a kid on the side of a farm road selling lemonade, and next to the table was a box with a sign that said ‘free kittens.’ Hours later, that image reappeared during a meditation as my mind simply couldn’t settle.  Sometimes our minds can be as chaotic as a box of newborn kittens, but we must remember that under the mewing thoughts and chaos, there is silence in that cardboard box.

Like our oft frantic brains, the box itself is nothing BUT silence and space, the kittens are just a temporary part of the story.  The needy, young kitties are like our thoughts. If we cling to trying to calm them, we end up frustrated covered in scratches and spilled milk. But when we give them our awareness, accepting what is needed for the moment, they become sated. They sleep. They are silent.

And, just like a cycle of thought, the furry felines will be up again, romping around in the box demanding attention. But, they can’t live there forever, trapped in time.  They evolve, and must be allowed to move on. One by one, as the kittens are released, the box again is silent and spacious. So too can we free ourselves from thought and leave nothing by silence and peace.


– Your Charmed Yogi

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