The end didn’t happen, reset yourself

frog reclined on a lily pad

I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to say today, the day the world was supposed to end, and I think it all comes down to re-evaluation of what matters.  While the day’s not over, I think it’s safe to assume the end of the Mayan calendar does not mean the end of our existence.  But, maybe it CAN mean the end of old patterns, old samskaras that prevent us from realizing who we are and our true purpose outside of our day to day duties.

Make mindfulness part of your life starting now. Breathe deeply, eat slowly, taste food, look into the eyes of people you’re talking to, rediscover pleasure, and live in the present.  This isn’t an easy process, it’s an intent that takes practice and focus.

Be grateful that you’ve been given a second chance even if you never believed in the doomsday predictions, and embrace this Wonderful Life.


– Your Charmed Yogi

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