Tap into your yin energy with Chandra Namaskar

Most yogis and yoginis are quite familiar with the various forms of Surya Namaskar or ‘sun saluations’ that draw in the energy of the sun, and build heat.  But few have heard of moon salutations or Chandra Namaskar.  Whereas the sun represents the masculine (yang) energies within us, the moon represents our feminine (yin) energies.  They are cooling, balancing, and introspective.

Moon salutations can be done to honor various times in a lunar cycle, and they’re particularly beneficial for balancing an overabundance of energy.  If you’re feeling ‘hot tempered’, overstimulated or anxious, this gentler flow can balance and calm fiery impulses.

Like sun salutations, there are different variations of Chandra Namaskar, but they all reflect the rhythm of the moon.   In honor of today’s full moon, or anytime you want to get moving gently like in the evening, here is a gentle moon salutation.


moon salutation chandra namaskar

Here’s a short video from Eckhart Yoga to guide you through Chandra Namaskar

Connect with the cooling energies of the moon and go ‘yin-ward’.


– Your Charmed Yogi

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