Liberation is a truck stuck in the mud & a yoga mat

Yoga freedom quote

I’m going to admit something publicly that very few people know.  While I typically avoid reality television like the plague, I’ve succumbed to the fantastic spectacle that is ‘Duck Dynasty.’  I don’t know how it started, but the friends that know me find it quite amusing because my ideologies and theirs couldn’t be more different.  Or are they?

I don’t own a firearm (we’ll steer clear of this argument for now), I don’t hunt or kill anything for fun, and I’m not exactly conservative.  That said, there have been some (dare I say insightful) quotes to come out of that show that have made me think.  We all of the same basic needs and desires; at our inner most core, we act from a place of love; and we all want some sort of freedom.

In one particular episode, the characters have an argument about becoming ‘too corporate’ which leads to an ‘off road’ tantrum of mud bogging only for their truck to get stuck in the middle of nowhere.  The parting quote made me laugh out loud, “If you are going down the road and see a truck stuck in the mud you know what happened… liberation.”

We all want freedom.  Freedom from obligations, freedom from constraints whether it be work, health, finances, dependence or family. Liberation can take on any form, and is different for everyone.  For some people, liberation is jumping out of an airplane.  For others, it’s sending the family on vacation and curling up alone with a book for the weekend, and for others, it’s getting a truck stuck in the mud.

While I’d love to go ‘off the grid’ at some point, for now, I find freedom in other ways. For me, time on my yoga mat always creates space for liberation within.  Even if it’s only 5 minutes, I find liberation from thought, obligation and time.

“Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you,” -Jean Paul Satre

Where do you find liberation?


– Your charmed yogi

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5 thoughts on “Liberation is a truck stuck in the mud & a yoga mat

  1. This is lovely. Very nice words. And yes – too right – also, at a biochemical level of course, DNA has “proven” (another story in itself whether we really “needed this proof of course but…) that there are ONLY FOUR DNA base pair sequences, in all life on planet earth. (The difference lying only in the ordering of said sequences)

    Also, on liberation and freedom…This feels really timely to me, because i was in the airport the other day…The end less preoccupation of reducing life/fitting life in boxes; forgetting the dynamism and everflowing CHANGE that is life really struck me… Luckily, on the airplane i managed to transmute this into a two part poem series entitled “The Box Exalts Himself” 🙂 tee hee! Here is part of it, full posts due to come soon:
    “Squeeze, shove, push and squash.
    It seems life,
    Everchanging and quite undefined in space and volume,
    Will. Not. Fit in that Almighty Box…

    There are promises
    never delivered – [insert what you wish here from economics, capitalism,politics..]
    Of man exalting himself,
    Of a life free.
    Free of boundaries,
    A life of limitless dreams…

    One may find the ultimate reality:
    That boxes may not be all that is to Life, after all.

    Then, and only then,
    One lives truly free,
    One lives ones’ wildest dreams…

    Well I say,
    If life were merely a box,
    Then pack me away sealed, addressed elsewhere.
    Watch me,
    I’ll flow, er ‘economically grow’ – with the tide of ever mounting boxes.

    But if it not,
    I stay firmly here,
    Undefined of sharp edges,
    On the shores of the limitless.
    Living an Undefined Life,

    Don’t go looking for me on that list,
    For you’ll not find me in any box”.

    Liberation and freedom to me then, is life out of the box-lane (Rat Race mentality)…of constant rationality and formalities.and control… 🙂 Look to nature and see how it’s done there 🙂

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