Top 10 Yoga Myths – Part One

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Here’s a list of our favorite yoga myths. Do you ever hear these “reasons” not to do yoga from your friends? Let us know in the comments!

Batman yoga10. MYTH: You have to be flexible to practice yoga.

FACT: Over time, practicing yoga safely helps increase your flexibility. Maintaining a supple spine and full range of motion in the joints helps prevent injury and may even improve your game if you play a sport.

9. MYTH: My grandmother does yoga so you can’t get a really kick-ass workout from it.

FACT: Yoga is not just about stretching and relaxation! Building muscle strength and endurance through yoga is the key to safely exploring flexibility. There are many different types of yoga for all different body types and abilities and there’s definitely a style to fit your needs!

8. MYTH: My Crossfit-crazy boyfriend does yoga and it sounds too intense for…

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