Top 10 Yoga Myths – Part Two

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Ever try convincing your friends to come to yoga only to hear one of these myths? Check out Part One of the list here.

5. MYTH: Yoga is not for men.

FACT: Yoga in the western hemisphere may be dominated by women, but historically, yoga was only practiced by men. Both men and women can benefit from strength-building, flexibility, balance, mindfulness, stress-reduction and all the other benefits of yoga. Take a buddy or go to a class led by a male instructor if you’re feeling hesitant about being the only dude.

Why Men Do Yoga4. MYTH: Yoga is too expensive.

FACT: Yoga One has many competitive membership and class package options that reduce the price per class. For example, the 10 class package breaks down to $12/class. Compare that to $14 at the movies or $15-20 for lunch downtown. Come to class more often with our unlimited membership and save even…

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