Are you awake?

Have you ever picked up a book and read a passage and thought, “Wow, that’s exactly what I’ve been thinking,” or “That makes so much sense?”

I’m continually awed by inspiring authors who have a knack for articulating exactly what I’m feeling or need to hear at precisely the right moment.  Authors like Michael A. Singer, Rolf Gates, Michael Stone, and Mark Nepo — to name a few — often seem to be speaking to me directly (she said egocentrically.)

Seriously, some days when I open the book I’m reading, the text just says it all.  Today, it was a daily meditation from the book, “Oneness with All Life,” by Eckhart Tolle.  I opened the book, and the words vibrated off of the page and implanted themselves in my brain.  But, instead of trying to put my own interpretation on the passage in an effort to impart it’s wisdom, I thought I’d just quote it directly.

“An essential part of awakening is the recognition of the unawakened you, the ego as it thinks, speaks, and acts.  When you recognize the unconsciousness in you, that which makes the recognition possible is the arising consciousness, is awakening.  You cannot fight against the ego and win, just as you cannot fight against the darkness.  The light of consciousness is all that is necessary.  You are that light.”


– Your Charmed Yogi

Photo credit: Pinterest