Go to Your Cave

Typically, during a meditation, I don’t “go anywhere,” but rather reside in my IS-ness, and just sit in stillness.  Sometimes, however, I experience dreamlike states of consciousness where I might experience something like a journey or visualization.   This morning was one of those times, and it made such metaphoric sense, I wanted to share.

During a deep state of rest, I felt as if I was riding rapids down a river, and landed inside a cave that was completely calm, the exact opposite of what brought me there.  The floor of the cave was a pool of still water that reflected the light shining in, and stalagmites reached toward the open ceiling of the cavern.  The beautiful bright blue sky above barely had any clouds at all, and the opening of the cave framed the sky like an eye to heaven.

I emerged from the cave only to find a desolate, peaceful plain with nothing but a few barren trees and waves of grass for as far as I could see.  I didn’t feel sorrow in this isolation, but rather, pure spaciousness and peace.

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