Downward Facing Hulk: Diffuse Your Anger with Yoga

hulk in meditationI’m a huge fan of comic book hero movies, so of course, I was one of the contributor’s to the $1B that the Avengers movie grossed over the weekend.   As much as I love the super powers that explode on screen thanks to computer generated imagery (CGI), I’ve always been fascinated by the back stories of the characters.   In Batman, Bruce Wayne becomes empowered by surrendering to his overwhelming fear of bats.  In the surrender, he conquers his fear.

And, then there’s the Hulk.   The emotionally volatile alter ego of Bruce Banner appears Bruce is exposed go gamma radiation.  When he becomes angry, Bruce transforms into a giant, green, uncontrollable rage monster.   The conflict between Bruce and his inner Hulk is something many people struggle with everyday. Continue reading