Take fear into your infinite heart

buddhist meditating on heart

Our hearts have an infinite capacity for loving, healing, learning, and illuminating. When we’re angry, we can feel our hearts close, and when we forgive we can feel our entire bodies soften.

When we are in pain, we can let down the walls around our hearts and let others in.  And, when we are afraid, we can open our hearts and let it swallow our fears, only to shine brighter after.

To fight pain, fear and anger is to give those things power, to deny part of ourselves. Instead, take those things into your heart where they are acknowledged, welcomed, accepted, comforted and transmuted.


– Your Charmed Yogi

(Photo: Tumblr/Ozone Baby)

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Woman letting go

We talk about yoga as the gateway to freedom.  By relinquishing attachment to objectives and judgement, we begin to find freedom from past, freedom from future, freedom from want, freedom from fear — freedom from mind.  There’s no trick or “to do” list to check off to access this freedom, it’s already within you.

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