Is Aerial Yoga Cirque Du Soleil?


When I tell someone new to yoga or someone who doesn’t know me that I’m on my way to take or teach an aerial yoga class, the conversation inevitably goes something like this…

“Where are you going?”

“I’m on my way to teach an aerial yoga class?”

“What’s aerial yoga?”

“Well, I teach many of the same poses that I teach on the mat, but students are either partially or fully suspended in a silk fabric hammock or sling.”

“Really? Like Cirque Du Soleil ‘n shit?”

“Not exactly.  We aren’t flying around the room tossing and catching each other from a high flying trapeze under the big top.”

“Is it better than regular yoga?”

“Not really, just different.  Students often find that they can sink more easily or deeply into a pose than they can on the floor.  Plus, it’s fun.”

“Oh my god, I could never do that.”

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