Like Mother, Like Daughter

mom and toddler at christmasWhen I was very little, my mom was like a Goddess. I thought she was the most magical, beautiful being in existence (still is).  She could do anything.  I wanted to do everything she did, wore everything she wore, be everything she was.  I remember rifling through her trunk of dresses like a tiny criminal just so I could try them on, and dance around just like her.   Even with the dresses in a crumpled heap on the floor covered in cookie crumbs, she never got mad.

My mom has always been the most supportive, compassionate person I’ve ever met.   She taught me how to ride a bike, make potato salad, and how to make a whistle from a blade of grass.   She was there for me through heartache and bullying. through prom and college.Always words of encouragement, always acts of love.  My mom has always been on my side, and has shaped who I’ve become.   She truly is one of the most beautifully selfless people I’ve ever known. Continue reading