I have a “dessert” stomach for yoga

cupcakes with yoga poses on themThere’s a running joke in my family about my appetite.  When I was little, and one of the neighborhood parents would take the kids out to Dairy Queen, all of the kids would usually get a cone.  Then, I’d step up to order.  At 5 years old, and 35 pounds soaking wet, I’d order the peanut buster parfait and a frozen slushee.   I’ve always eaten like it’s my last meal, and dessert in particular is a weakness.

No matter how full I am at the end of a big meal, if the server brings about the dessert tray, I suddenly have room.  The joke is that I seem to have a separate stomach for dessert.  And, I’ve come to realize that I have the same type of room in my life for yoga.  No matter how much I’m dragging or reluctant to do my practice in the  morning or catch a class after work, once I step onto the mat, I have boundless energy.  It seems I have a ‘dessert’ stomach for yoga.

Take this past Wednesday, for example.  I teach a Tuesday night aerial class until 8:30, so I don’t get to bed until 10-ish.   Then I teach a Wednesday am class at 6:30, and then work my “real job” all day.  By Wednesday at 5, I’m starting to feel like all I want to do is crawl into bed.  But, I know how awesome I feel after yoga.  So, I made it to a 6:00 class, and the moment I step into the studio, I begin to awaken.

When I stake my claim on the floor, and unfurl my mat, I’m even more alive.  And when I step onto the mat, my body begins to connect with my practice leaving my brain behind.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t have to give myself a little push sometimes, because I do.  I just try to remind myself how amazing I’ll feel after, if I catch myself starting to make excuses why I don’t need to go.  This also doesn’t mean that I don’t skip asana every once in a while; everyone needs a break from their regular ‘something’.    I just try to hearken back to those periods in my life when I let my practice slip and what that felt like.

Yoga is a part of me, like Laverne is to Shirlely; like day is to night, like dessert is to dinner.  Yes, yoga and me make a great pair.  And, all without the sugar crash.

Yoga is my passion.  Yoga is my dessert.  Do you have a dessert stomach for yoga?


– Your Charmed Yogi




Photo credits: The Chocolate Swirl Blog