Edamame Dearest, can you pass the hummus?

edamame hummus

I don’t post a ton of recipes on my blog, but every now and then I find one that’s so amazingly delish or simple or both, that I can’t resist. Oh She Glows is one of my favorite blogs. Between Amber of My Crazy Healthy Life, and Angela of Oh She Glows, I’m pretty much set when it comes to healthy food porn.

In my humble (always hungry) opinion, hummus is one of the most perfect foods. And, I haven’t met a hummus I don’t like. I prefer homemade or hummus from a local Greek restaurant. I’ve started to branch out into trying and making non-chick pea hummus and it just keeps getting better. I thought Tuscan White Bean Hummus was my new fave until I tried edamame hummus. Whaaaaat? It’s amazing.

Traditional hummus is full of fiber, vitamins & minerals, protein and healthy fats. Edamame hummus has a similar nutrient profile, but soybeans are also a great source of vitamin C and have a much lower glycemic load.

Angela’s recipe requires under 10 ingredients and takes less than 10 minutes. which is my magic number. Anything more than that and I tend to shy away from trying since I don’t typically use recipes anyway. Here’s Angela Liddon’s Edamame Hummus recipe. Enjoy!


– Your Charmed Yogi

(Photo: Pinterest)

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