Favorite Pose Friday: Sukhasana

sukhasana easy seated pose

Sometimes the best pose for us is no yoga pose — or more accurately an easeful, passive existence.  Sukhasana (easy seated pose), allows us to ground and center ourselves at any time.  There’s no wrong time, place or circumstance to sit and settle into stillness.

Come to a comfortable cross-legged position on a folded blanked or two to allow your pelvis to be slightly higher than your knees. Play around until you find  a pose that you can comfortably sit in for 10 minutes.

Bring your hands to your lap, or palms face up on your knees or thighs to receive energy (palms face down to send energy).

Close your eyes.

Unfurl your brow.

Unclench your jaw.

Notice your breath, without control, without judgement. Just witness yourself being.

Allow yourself to blend in with the space around you for 10 minutes, and come out gradually by blinking your eyes open and pausing before you begin to move.

Sometimes sitting with our ‘self’ is the hardest thing to do. Understand that, allow it, and find freedom in accepting it.


– Your Charmed Yogi

(Photo: Smiling Dog Blog)

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