Guest Blogging

If you are a blogger who writes about yoga, meditation, pranayama, natural health, spirituality, or a similar topic and you’re interested in being a guest on my blog; OR you have a blog or article site and you’re looking for a guest post from A Charmed Yogi, drop me a line.

Here are the rules & guidelines for guest blogging on A Charmed Yogi (and I extend the same courtesy on sites in which I’m a guest blogger).


  1. Only original, high quality editorial content is accepted.  It can’t not exist anywhere else including your blog.  Posting identical content on my blog and yours doesn’t help either of us, and search engines don’t like it.
  2. If you want to tease the post from your blog, please just post an intro paragraph with a “Read the full article, entitled, ‘______________’ on a Charmed Yogi Blog” statement and link to the original post.
  3.  Please provide an “About the Author” by line and statement about yourself with a link to your blog.  So I can send readers your way that love your material.
  4. If you quote other sources, please provide adequate citations
  5. I have the right to edit content as appropriate for my blog, though if I’m considering making any major changes I will absolutely reach out to you first.
  6. If you provide photos, please include appropriate accreditation.  I may swap out the photo, so if it’s a personal photo that you’re including for a particular reason, please just let me know when you submit
  7. Do not include SPAMMY links within the post, or it may be rejected
  8. I will incorporate internal links where it makes sense
  9. Commercial product and service advertorials are not accepted at this time
  10. Obviously offensive, pornographic, or hate content will be rejected
  11. Ownership of the post remains with the author. However, by submitting the post the author agrees that A Charmed Yogi can publish and promote the post in any way. Also, as stated above, the author agrees that once the post is published by A Charmed Yogi, it will not be republished in any way.


  1. All content formats are considered (editorial, video, etc.)
  2. The use of bold, underlines, bullets, and subheadings is appreciated.
  3. Send an avatar or a link to your existing avatar.
  4. Feel free to promote the post on your social media sites and let me, and I will do the same on  my various social media handles.

Photo credit: Dapazze

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