Outdoor yoga: How to enjoy an al fresco practice

yogini on a rock

Eco-chick & yogini, Starre Vartan is back with ways yoga outdoors can be fun and rewarding; and how to prepare for your al fresco yogaventure.

Traditionally, yoga is practiced outdoors in India, a much different scenario from the typical sequestered inside yoga studios in the US and other developed countries, most likely because its popularity began with urban centers, for which finding outdoor practice spaces can be a challenge. But, times they are a changing.  In the past couple of years, many studios and individual teachers have begun bringing their asanas back outdoors again. And plenty of practitioners have taken their individual practices to their backyards, local beaches, parks and even mountaintops post hike.

Read the full story on MNN, “Outdoor yoga: How to enjoy an al fresco practice,” and learn Starre’s key ingredients to the perfect outdoor yoga experience.


– Your Charmed Yogi

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2 thoughts on “Outdoor yoga: How to enjoy an al fresco practice

  1. Yes- it’s so refreshing to practice outside! I taught a class yesterday outdoors and the setting was wonderful, but I do have to agree on Starre’s recommendation on bug spray. It can interfere with the peace and calm you were seeking. 😉 Otherwise, it’s brilliant. You can’t get the breeze, warm sunshine and closeness to the earth in a studio.

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